Community Council

What is the School Community Council? 

The Community Council is a group of parents and teachers who work together to improve all aspects of life at Mother Teresa School. The council advises the school principal on a range of topics from uniforms to fees and facilities.

What does the School Community Council do?

While the Catholic Education Office owns the school and the Principal runs it from day to day, the school community, through the Community Council, works out what Mother Teresa School needs to achieve its goals and how it goes about it.

Here are some of the things the Council may consider in its meetings:

  • The school’s ethos, image and role in the local community
  • How the school is promoted
  • School finances (outside the CEO’s set fees)
  • Maintenance and capital works programs
  • Management of the school canteen
  • Provision of Outside School Hours Care (or Afters)
  • Enterprise activities (including hall hire)
  • School uniforms (within CEO guidelines)

It also suggests ideas and provides advice in areas such as the curriculum, student and parent support, and general educational policies.

Below are the details of the current members of the Community Council.  Please feel free to email them with any suggestions or concerns.  Email is

Chair – Damian Kelly

Deputy Chair - Lindsay Hackett

Secretary – Simon Morgan

Treasurer – vacant

Parent Representative - Natalie Zanco

Parent Representative - Adelle De Zilva-Stewart

Parent Representative - Cheryl Harris

Parent Representative - John Mikita

Parent Representative – Janice Van Zomeren

Staff Representative - Janene Sadler

Principal - Carmel Maguire

Assistant Principal - Craig Hart

ELC Director - Amy Thomas