Optimal Learners at MTS

How students learn and think is equally important to what they learn. At MTS we focus on four key areas that help students engage with their learning:

  • Be Responsible;
  • Communicate Effectively;
  • Collaborate Successfully;
  • Thinking – Carefully, Critically, Creatively.

When students understand these areas they can become optimal learners, ready to tackle any challenge and achieve great success in all subjects and elements of learning, both at school and life-long.

Families, we need your help at home!!! Witnessing you model these behaviours and listening to you using these catch phrases will help the children see how to successfully engage in lifelong learning so they can transfer these skills so they thrive both at school, and in society.

Direct connections to the Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum that is taught and assessed in all Australian schools is multidimensional. At MTS we are emphasising the importance of developing capable learners by spotlighting the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities dimension through our Engagement with Learning initiative.

MTS Optimal Learners Home Kit

Please click the link (below) to access an electronic copy of our super hero optimal learners posters as well as our At MTS we are…. posters (located within the one PDF document). 

The posters of super hero optimal learners gives the students a common language to use and clear expectations of what they are thinking, saying and doing if they are successfully engaged in their learning in each of the four areas.

While the At MTS we are… provides a more comprehensive list of expectations that can be used as criteria to self-assess how successfully they are engaged in each learning area.

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